Ali-Ketolan Tila – Ali-Ketola homestead

Our farm is located in the village of Ketola in Kokemäki, Western Finland along the River Kokemäenjoki.

Area has been an late iron age marketplace called Teljä. There has been found many relics from viking axe blades to midlle age farming equipment. In nearby chapel is claimed to be the oldest wooden structure in Finland, from around year 1150. According to legends, St. Henry spent his last night at the granary, before he was allegedly murdered by peasant Lalli on 20th of January 1156.

The town has given it’s name to the Kokemäki-river, which is 121 kilometres long and flows through the town. The river has a big role in Kokemäki and the bridges over the river, especially museum bridge of Tulkkila, are informal symbols of the town

We have wanted to foster the farm’s long-standing traditions. In addition to agriculture, we have provided tourism services for about twenty years. We feel that it is important to provide the people with authentic rural and natural experiences. Our aim has been to provide accommodation, catering and other tourism services in an individual-centred way, in order to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. We make sure that our activities and services are of the best possible quality.

When staying with us, you can relax by fishing, hiking or canoeing in the beautiful river landscape. You can also enjoy our delicious cuisine and a relaxing chimneyless sauna. Nature is very important to us, and we want to convey to others its importance as well as show respect for old traditions. We offer: overnight accommodation (including breakfast), fireplace and sauna rentals, canoeing for groups, nature and bird-watching trips, school camps, nature trail and campfires, excellent fishing opportunities, mini-golf and Matti’s House as a meeting and function venue. For further information, please contact us directly!


Ali-Ketola farm offers:

Accommodation In Kivikievari (Stone House Inn)

Offers 8 high quality twin/double/single rooms (8 – 16 persons).

Every room has bathroom/shower, wifi and TV.


  • twin/double room             95 €/room
  • single room                         70 €/room

Price includes breakfast and use of sauna for Inn guests.

Food service

We can offer lunch, dinner and other meals on request.

We serve traditional Finnish local food, main ingredients come from nearby farms.


Rowboating, 8-14 persons (2 hours) Spring,Summer, Autum    350€/group

  • Large rowboat with 14 benches and ”captain” on rudder
  • Guided tour on Kokemäki river
  • Life jackets

Canoeing, 8 – 16 persons (2 hours) Spring, Summer, Autum     350€/group

  • Canoes and kayaks
  • Lesson of canoeing
  • Guided tour on river
  • Life jackets

Smokesauna 8-20 persons  (1-3 hours) All year                             400€/group

  • Towels and bathrobes

Forging, 8-16 persons (2-3 hours) All year                                      350€/group

  • Professional blacksmith
  • Everyone on group gets to forge their own ”lucky amulet”

Trip to reindeer farm, 8-16 persons (2-3 hours) All year             600€/group

  • Reindeer farm owner will talk about thei reindeers and farm
  • Coffee and sandwich or pancake on open fire in traditional sami-dwelling (”hut”)

Extra cost for transportation

Visit to Puurijärvi-Isosuo nature park,

8-16 persons (2 hours) Spring, Summer, Autum                          350€/group

  • Guided tour to nature park
  • Guided use of telescope
  • Bird watching
  • Visit to obsevation tower

Extra cost for transportation

Walk in forest to pick up herbs and/or

mushrooms, 8-16 persons (2 hours) Summer, Autum                300€/group         

  • Guided tour to forest to pick up herbs and/or mushrooms

Guided traditional fishing on river banks, fishing contest,

8-16 persons (2 hours) Spring, Summer, Autum                         250€/group

  • Guide to teach traditional finnish pole fishing
  • Fishing poles and baits