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We are the owners of the Ali-Ketola Farm. Our farm is located in Kokemäki, in the Ketola village, by the Kokemäenjoki river that teems with fish. Ali-Ketola was inherited by the master of the house and the fields are still being farmed. The farm has a long history that we want to honour. In addition to farming, we have been developing the farm’s tourist services for approximately 20 years. We find it very important to offer people genuine countryside and nature experiences.

Being located near Kokemäenjoki has been very important for our business, because everything began with the canoeing trips we started organizing in the summer of 1995. Canoeing customers started asking for sauna, coffee and food services as well as accommodations. And of course, we have done our best to meet their needs, little by little. Our business is based around providing accommodation and food-related services and other tourism services in a highly personalized way that leads to long-term customer relationships. We invest in high service quality, for which we have been awarded the Maakuntien Parhaat quality certificate in 2001. It is a nationally recognized sign of quality that consumers can trust.

You can stay at the farm and enjoy fishing, hiking or canoeing in the middle of beautiful river nature. We also offer delicious food and gentle, relaxing smoke sauna experiences. Nature is extremely important to us and we want to continue the tradition of respecting nature and the old ways.

Welcome to the Ali-Ketola Farm!

The Ali-Ketola Family


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